sheep Sacrifice the individual sheep

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sheep for the good of the - H E R D - sheep

sheep Desciption sheep

Get your sheep to the house without getting caught by the wolf. To ensure the most sheep survive, you might have to sacrifice a few. Remember: the wolf is very lazy and will hunt helpless animals before he’ll hunt other animals. If you hit one of your sheep with ‘space’, you could create a distraction.

Press ‘e’ to tell your sheep that they need to hurry up. This is a very draining action, so make sure to grab some apple along the way.

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sheep Tools used sheep

The following tools were used to create H E R D:

  • Unity (game engine)
  • MonoDevelop (IDE)
  • Mulab (music)
  • Keystation (MIDI hardware)
  • Audacity (sound effects)
  • Clip Studio Paint Pro (art)
  • Wacom tablet (drawing hardware)
  • Cheetah 3d (modeling, UV mapping, animating)

sheep Process sheep

This is how the game was made:

  1. I started brainstorming in the morning and came with the idea of sacrificing sheep to a wolf.
  2. I developed the game in my head.
  3. I started making 3d models, animations and textures.
  4. I started programming controls and AI.
  5. I made music and sound effects.
  6. Even more programming.
  7. Made a 3d model for the barn.
  8. Tweaked some final variables.
  9. Uploaded everything and updated my ld page.
  10. Uploaded source code.
  11. (Post jam) fix broken UI proportions (no code added)

sheep (Planned) Bug fixes and tweaks sheep

  • Fix UI proportions (WIP)


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